The Future of Complex Rehab

Building Advanced Tools for ATP's

CRS is dedicated to improving the productivity and efficiency of the Assistive Technology Professional (ATP).


Better Tools

Better Outcomes

We are developing new technology that allows the ATP to document, visualize and share information in a secure collaborative environment. Better information that is more easily shared throughout the process of providing Complex Rehab Technologies will result in better outcomes.

The Team


Senior Developer

With a diverse background in physics, math, robotics, and software - Daniel brings nearly ten years of experience to the table.

In his free time, he enjoys beer, guitar, and bicycles.


Senior Developer

An expert in mobile, desktop, and cloud development - Patrick has extensive experience in C/C++/C#/.NET/SQL. He has recently achieved medium status on Rock Band, and despite mocking from his children, is quite proud of himself.

Before joining CRS, Patrick was Founder and CTO of two successful software companies.

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